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Birth name: Natalia Marisa Oreiro Iglesias Poggio Bourié.
Born: May 19, 1977 in Montevideo, Uruguay.
Height: 5' 8½" (1.74 m).
Ricardo Mollo (31 December 2001 - present).

She studied drama at age eight and at twelve she auditioned for advertisements. During her teens she acted in more than 30 television commercials for such trade marks as Coca Cola, Pepsi and Johnson & Johnson. At the age of 16 she moved to Argentina to work there and unleash her ambition to be a star. She worked as an MTV VJ and, in 1995, she landed a role in the soap opera Dulce Ana. She was then cast in the TV series 90-60-90 modelos (1996) and next in Ricos y famosos (1997) (playing Valeria), which received attention throughout Argentina and abroad. Next, she participated in the Argentinian blockbuster Un Argentino en New York (1998), in which she played as an ambitious teenager who wants to reach musical stardom. There was irony in this role, because after the movie, Natalia lauched her first album, Natalia Oreiro and the single "Cambio dolor" became the opening theme for her next acting project, the prime time show Muñeca Brava (1998-1999), which was an every-afternoon-smash-hit during its run in Argentina, Europe countries in the Middle East. Her album was sold in those countries as well. For her performance in Muñeca Brava, Natalia was nominated twice (1998 and 1999) for a Martín Fierro Award (an equivalent of Emmy Awards in Argentina) as best actress in a leading role. On January 2000, Natalia was named "Celebrity of the Year" by E! Entertainment Television. She became and especially popular star in Russia due to the major success of Muñeca Brava in that country and was even invited to star in a Russian telenovela.
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natalia oreiro : 1
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natalia oreiro : 2
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