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Luke and Q are a duo based in New Orleans signed to J Records. They made their debut with single "I Don't Care" in 2006.

With a bold, urban edge and rich, dynamic vocals, the duo Luke & Q are poised to resurrect true R&B music, with a uniqueness that of their own. As natives of the musical haven New Orleans, Luke & Q proudly represents the soulful diversity and depth of their city. Gospel, soul, jazz, country and hip-hop have all played a profound role in their musical upbringing.

One half of the duo is Luke Boyd, a vocal powerhouse with fire and intensity stemming from his upbringing in New Orleans tough downtown neighborhood known as the 7th Ward. His raw, bad-boy appeal and strong vocals carries a passion reminiscent of some of his musical influences, such as Jodeci, H-Town, and R Kelly.

Quinten Spears makes up the other half. Simply known as Q, this velvety-smooth tenor brings a gentlemanly, yet street vibe. Raised in the equally-rough 3rd Ward area of uptown New Orleans, Q is a unique mix of an old-school cool and new-school pizzazz, with the musical influence of Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Usher

Though raised in opposite sides of town, Luke & Qs love for music would inevitably bring them together in the high school band. They formed an instant friendship and joined forces with another high school friend to create a musical group named Upskale. They sang at many local events, including the renowned Bayou Classic and quickly became a local sensation. The citizens of New Orleans knew they had something special, and it would be just a matter of time before the rest of the world would know as well. A chance backstage meeting at a Tyrese concert would allow Upskale to showcase their amazing vocals to Tyrese and his management team. They made such a great impression that they were brought out to Los Angeles and began singing background vocals for Tyrese on television appearances and shows though out the United States and Europe. The trio was then downsized to a duo, hence the birth of Luke & Q.

Soon-after, Luke & Q sang for The Underdogs and were immediately signed to their new label Underdog Entertainment under J Records. Underdog producers Damon Thomas and Harvey Mason Jr. had established themselves as hit-makers, writing and producing for Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Luther Vandross, Toni Braxton and a host of others. With Luke & Q, The Underdogs dug deep into their rich vault of sounds to brilliantly compliment their vocal talents and created a definitive style.

With sexy, soulful ballads and hard-hitting up-tempos, Luke & Q are destined to make an impact. They are real R&B singers, with feeling to their music that is simply the truth.

-Luke Boyd.
-Quinten "Q" Spears.
Luke Q : Luke-and-Q-jr06
Luke   Q : Luke-and-Q-jr06
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Luke   Q : Luke-and-Q-jr14
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Luke Q : Luke-and-Q-jr04
Luke   Q : Luke-and-Q-jr04
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Luke Q : Luke-and-Q-jr08
Luke   Q : Luke-and-Q-jr08
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Luke Q : Luke-and-Q-jr10
Luke   Q : Luke-and-Q-jr10
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Luke Q : Luke-and-Q-jr01
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