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Birth name: Hannah Marie Tointon.
Born: December 28, 1987 Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England, UK.

Hannah Tointon biography (bio):
Hannah Tointon is an English actress. She attended St Hilda's School, Westcliff, Essex, along with her older sister, Kara Tointon (Dawn Swann in Eastenders).

Hannah Tointon's first appearance on television was in the CBBC hit sitcom Kerching!, where she played Tamsin, the love interest of the main character Taj Lewis. Her next role was in the series Star 2003 where she played the character Billie. Following this, she played Celina Johnson in the British police drama series The Bill. In 2006, she appeared in the television series Murder City where she played Bethany Williams in the episode "Just Seventeen". Tointon's next appearance was in Dream Team. She then went on to appear in New Tricks She was also an uncredited concert goer in the film Just My Luck. Tointon then appeared as Annabelle in Genie in the House. She also played Maxine Brogan in Doctors (BBC soap opera) in February 2007.

On April 30, 2007, Tointon made her first appearance in the British soap Hollyoaks. She plays Katy Fox, younger sister of the already existing character, Warren Fox. But on 03 November 2007, it was announced that Hannah has quit Hollyoaks to try new things. The reaction to her departure has been mixed - there had been much criticism on various internet forums of Hannah's acting abilities (or what many saw as her lack thereof).However, following news of her departure Hannah's fans were out in force defending her on the official Channel 4 Hollyoaks forum. They claimed Hannah had been forced to quit by a sustained "bullying" campaign. Hannah will have played Katy Fox for a year.

Hannah is the younger sister of Kara Tointon who plays new mum Dawn Swann in BBC's Eastenders.
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