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Full name: George Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah.
Born: October 1, 1966 Monrovia, Liberia, USA.
Height: 1.84 m (6 ft +1⁄2 in).
Playing position: Forward.

George Weah biography (bio):
George Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah is a Liberian politician and former football forward. He spent 14 years of his professional football career playing for clubs in France, Italy, and England, winning titles in two of the three countries. In 1995, he was named FIFA World Player of the Year, European Footballer of the Year, and African Footballer of the Year. He is commonly regarded as one of the greatest African footballers of all time. Weah has since become a humanitarian and politician in Liberia, and ran unsuccessfully in the 2005 Liberian presidential election, losing to Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in the second round of voting.

Personal life:
George Weah was born and raised in the Clara Town slum of Monrovia. He is a member of the Kru ethnic group, which hails from south-eastern Liberia's Grand Kru County, one of the poorest areas of the country. His parents were William T. Weah, Sr. and Anna Quayeweah. He was raised largely by his paternal grandmother, Emma Klonjlaleh Brown. He attended middle school at Muslim Congress and high school at Wells Hairston High School. Before his football career allowed him to move abroad, Weah worked for the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation as a switchboard technician.
Weah has received a Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management from Parkwood University in London. This school was later decried as a diploma mill and closed by the US Federal Trade Commission, in collaboration with the British government. Also, in 1999, he received an Honorary Doctorate in Humanity from the A.M.E. Zion University College in Liberia.
George Weah bears French nationality. He is an ex-Muslim, and has stated, "I'm a Christian now, but I practiced Islam for ten years before converting to Christianity. One thing I want the world to know is that the world should be peaceful. It's not good for Muslims and Christians to fight against each other - we are one people. There's no need for people to kill each other. I pray for peace for everybody - for Muslim and Christian. For black, white, green, yellow and brown."
He is married to Clar Weah, a Jamaican that resides in America, and is the father of four children: George Jr., Martha, Timothy George, and Jessica, who was adopted from Jamaica. His son, George Weah Jr. once trained with the US U-20 team, with his close friend Freddy Adu. Weah Jr. played for the AC Milan Primavera team in the 2005-06 season. He was given a trial at Slavia Prague, but the club decided not to sign him.

Football Career:
At the pinnacle of success, Weah moved to Europe in 1988 when he was signed by Arsne Wenger, then manager of Monaco, who Weah credits as an important influence on his career. At Monaco, Weah was a member of the team that won the French Cup in 1991. In the 1990s Weah subsequently played for Paris Saint Germain (1992 - 95), with whom he won the French league in 1994; and AC Milan (1995 - 1999), with whom he won the Italian league in 1996 and 1999. In 1995 he was named European Footballer of the Year and FIFA World Player of the Year. After leaving Milan in August 1999 Weah moved to Chelsea, Manchester City (the short time he spent at Maine Road has led many to believe he was under the impression he'd actually signed for City's great rivals Manchester United and left as soon as his mistake became apparent)and Olympique Marseille in quick succession, before leaving Marseille in May 2001 for Al Jazira FC, in the United Arab Emirates.
As successful as he was at club level, Weah was not able to bring over that success to the Liberian national team. He has done everything with the squad from playing to coaching to financing it, but Liberia failed to qualify for a single World Cup, falling just a point short in qualifying for the 2002 tournament. This has all led to Weah being known as one of the best footballers never to have played in a World Cup.

World Best Player 1995:
Weah was named world best for 1995, becoming the only African player to win the award. He was the fifth recipient of the very prestigious award. The Silver trophy was won by Paolo Maldini, and the Bronze by Jurgen Klinsmann. The other four recipients were: Lothar Matthaus '91, Marco Van Basten '92, Roberto Baggio '93, and Romario in '94. Weah also won the silver trophy the following year which was won by Brazilian striker Ronaldo. Alan Shearer was awarded the Bronze.

African Player of the Year 1989,1994, & 1995:
Weah won the African player of the year in 1989 when he was with AS Monaco and 1995 with AC Milan, the year he won almost every award a footballer could win. When he won the award in 1989, it was his first major award and he took it back home for the entire country to celebrate, similar to what he did when he won the world best title and the Onze Mondial title

European Player of the Year 1995:
Weah won the very prestigious European Player of the Year in 1995, becoming the only African to win the award. Sports writers from all over Europe voted and awarded Weah as the best player in Europe for the year.

Onze Mondial 1995:
* The French Magazine name Weah as the top player in Europe for 1995
* Fifa Fair Play Award 1996

African Player of the Century:
Weah was voted the African player of the Century by sport journalist from all around the world. This award puts Weah in the company of some of the greatest player to ever played the game. Pele won the same award as the South American player of the Century and Franz Beckenbauer as the European player of the century.

Weah is a devoted humanitarian for his war-torn country. At the 2004 ESPY Awards, he won the Arthur Ashe Courage Award for his efforts. Weah was named by Pel as one of the top 125 greatest living footballers in March 2004. He has also been named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, a role which he has suspended while he pursues a political career.

Football and children:
Weah has tried to use football as a way to bring happiness and promote education for children in Liberia. In 1998, Weah launched a CD called Lively Up Africa featuring the singer Frisbie Omo Isibor and eight other African football stars. The proceeds from this CD went to children's programmes in the countries of origin of the athletes involved.
Weah is President of the Junior Professionals, a football team he founded in Monrovia in 1994. As a way to encourage young people to remain in school, the club's only requirement for membership is school attendance. Many of the young people, recruited from all over Liberia, have gone on to play for the Liberian national team.
In 1998 a documentary about Weah's footballing career at AC Milan was made broadcast on The A - Force BBCTV, it was made by Pogus Caesar a British award winning producer and director.

Political career:
Although he had denied interest in politics during his football career, in mid-November 2004, Weah announced his intention to stand in the October 2005 presidential election, having previously been the subject of a petition urging him to run; he received a hero's welcome upon his arrival in Monrovia in late November and was widely considered a favorite in the election. His eligibility was initially questioned due to debates over his citizenship (Weah having allegedly adopted French citizenship whilst at PSG; he has also lived in Staten Island, New York for many years now) but he was officially confirmed on 13 August 2005 as the candidate for the Congress for Democratic Change when the election commission published its final list. He won the most votes of any candidate in the first ballot on 11 October, but did not secure the required overall majority. A run-off vote took place on 8 November, pitting Weah against former World Bank employee and finance minister, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who won the vote and is now the first elected female president in Africa. Weah disputed the electoral process, but on 21 December 2005 he dropped his legal challenge.
Much of Weah's politics are influenced by the recent Second Liberian Civil War. Starting in 1999, the conflict came to a conclusion in 2003 when the United States stationed a Marine Expeditionary Unit with 2300 Marines offshore while Nigeria sent in peacekeepers as part of an Economic Community of West African States force, forcing President Charles Taylor to resign on August 11, 2003 and flee into exile in Nigeria. As a result, all of the candidates pushed for the politics of peace. During his campaign Weah repeatedly emphasized the need for UN's peace mission in his country, known as UNMIL, to stay at least through the end of what would have been his first presidential term of office.
Weah's lack of experience and of a prestigious college degree weighed heavily against him during the campaign. Opponents believed that Weah could have been manipulated if elected. One positive aspect of Weah's lack of experience is the fact that he was not involved in Liberia's conflicts. Also, some saw little risk in Weah becoming corrupt, as the football star is already quite wealthy.
Weah had also promised to bring low cost housing, electricity, running water, and better education to the countryside, where he himself lived for some time in the 1970s. He also called for the president's term in office to be reduced to four years from six.
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