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Birth name:Embeth Jean Davidtz.
Born:August 11, 1965 Lafayette, Indiana.
She is an American-born South African actress.
Davidtz made her professional acting debut at age 21 with CAPAB (Cape Performing Arts Board now known as Artscape) in Cape Town, playing "Juliet" in a stage production of Romeo and Juliet, at the Maynardville Open-Air Theatre.
Performing in English and Afrikaans, the bilingual actress also starred other local plays, including Stille Nag (Silent Night) and A Chain of Voices, both for which she was nominated for the South African equivalent of the Tony Award.
Mixing up period dramas in 1999's Wayward Son and the 2001-lensed Secret Passage with horror thrillers like 2001's Thir13en Ghosts, Davidtz emerged as a skilled performer with varied and versatile strengths. In 2002, she was then cast in the Michael Hoffman drama, The Emperor's Club, a movie which co-starred Kevin Kline as a professor and Emile Hirsch as a headstrong student.
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embeth davidtz : 1
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