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Television and radio presenter Craig Doyle picture(s)/pic(s), wallpaper and photo gallery.
Born: December 17, 1970 in Dublin.

Craig Doyle biography (bio):
Craig Doyle is an Irish television and radio presenter.
Being educated in catholic schools, the priests wanted Doyle to take to a religious career, but he originally wanted to be a veterinarian. He studied Sociology and History at St Patrick's College, Maynooth, followed by the London College of Printing, where he earned a diploma in Broadcast Journalism.
After graduation, Doyle worked on BBC local radio in Northern Ireland, where he was picked up by UTV to present the children show Disney Club. He then presented Tomorrow's World and "Fasten Your Seatbelt". He then spent six years hosting BBC's "Holiday" for six seasons.
He presented "The Craig Doyle Show," an Irish travel/celebrity program running from 2004 onRT.,which he made with his own production company, Boxer productions. He also had a big hit this year on the Irish channel with Irelands Richest, another Boxer production which he presented.
He has a hugely popular live music show on London's Capital Radio, every Saturday from 9am - 12pm
Doyle has been a key member of the BBC Sport team since 2002, he anchors the International Rugby and Triathlon, amongst other sports. He competes in triathlon himself.

Personal life:
On 7 January 2002, Doyle married his longtime girlfriend Doon, an interior designer from Dublin. The couple have a son Quinn, born December 2002, a daughter Muireann and another son Milo. The family live in Wicklow, and also have a home in Kew, West London.
Doyle is an avid sports man and loves running,triathlon golf and five-a-side football. His favourite holiday destination is New York.
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Craig Doyle photo
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Craig Doyle pics
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Craig Doyle pictures
Craig Doyle pictures
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